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Hive Inspections and flowers in bloom

The beehives seem to be doing fine. I have added two supers  over the past month. I’m using supers instead of deeps so it will be easier for me to check on the hive during hive inspections.

Here are some photos of flowers that are in bloom right now.                              


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Hive checks on May 3, 2015

Both of the hives were checked on May 3. I removed the feeders and put an empty frame in. When I removed the feeder from the one hive it had more burr  comb in it. I removed the comb and found that there was a larva in various states of development.

There are lots of flowers in bloom now and the bees have lots of nectar and pollen available to them now.

The honeybees have been enjoying the fountains and I have found them drinking at the waters edge.

Larva found in burr comb

Burr comb pulled from feeder

Hang baskets on patio

Honebees drinking water from fountain 

Dalia in flower pot

Salvia, petunas, zinnias  and other mixed flowers

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New Beehives Installed April 11, 2015

The new bees arrived on April 11 this year. I installed two new beehives. Over the week I’ve been feeding them sugar water to get them started. The one I have has a open inline feeder and the other one has enclosed inline feeder with  a cap and ladders.

The bees have started to build comb down into the open inline feeder. I have been removing this come every other day as I feed them. But today I noticed that the comb that the drawnout was filled with eggs after I removed it. It’s unfortunate that I had to remove all of those eggs but at least I know that the queen is laying eggs now. 

This is a picture of a piece of the comb that I took out of the in-line feeder.

These are pictures of eggs in the comb.

Beehive #1

Beehive # two

These have been lucky this year because it’s been quite warm. Today was 77° and have lots of flowers in bloom. They have lots of daffodils and tulips to feed on in the yard. The fruit trees are in bloom as well.

It looks like the honeybees are off to a great start this year.

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BeehIve Inspection 2/8/2015 – The Hive is Dead

The weather here has been extraordinary warm for this time of the year with temperatures in the mid 50’s. Over the past weeks I had been watching the hive and didn’t see any activity. Today, I opened the hive and discovered the hive was dead. I had left 2 deeps and 3 supers full of honey on this hive to help winter over the bees. Almost all of the honey is still in the hive and looks like it was not touched.

I cleaned out the remaining dead bees that were on the bottom board and went through the hive frame by frame. Some of the dead bees I came across on the frames looked like they hadn’t been dead long. They looked perfect but were dead. There are no signs of disease or problem in the hive. In fact, the frames were dry and clean.  There were only a few cells of old pollen that had white mold growing on them. The hive smelled like fresh honey. While I was cleaning out the very last box of any dead bees I started to notice that there were honeybees flying around me. These honeybees must have been from another hive in the neighborhood. They were very interested in the wax that I had been knocking off the inside of the hive and the remaining honey in the boxes. Quickly I had to finish up and put the hive back together making sure to close off all entrances to the hive.

Next weekend I will harvest the remaining honey and clean out all of the old wax foundation. The new package bees will be here in March or April, and they will have all new foundation to start with.