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4/22/12 – Larva in the hives


I did my weekend hive checks and found that the new queen, in my second hive, had already been laying eggs. There are larva in the hive. The worker bees have drawn out almost 2 whole frames. Many of the cells already have nectar and lots of pollen. I topped up the feeder with more 1:1 sugar-water and gave them a pollen patty. The bees drew out burr comb in the hive, using the extra space that I had left when I installed the queen’s cage. I removed the burr comb which had lots of nectar and pollen stored in it. I put the removed comb by the entrance for them to clean up. This is a very positive sign that new package of bees is settling in.

The new hive may have to be moved. It faces into the yard right where my husband needs to cut the grass. He wasn’t to sure about cutting the patch of lawn that is in front of the hive. The girls didn’t bother him but he seem a bit bothered by all the activity at the entrance when he walked by with the mower. We may have to move the hive to a different spot in the yard that has a better flight path for the girls.

The honey bees, from the new hive, have taken to the hummingbird feeders that we installed last weekend. They have been drinking from the feeders every day. At first I thought it was really cute that they were drinking the sugar-water from the hummingbird feeders. However, the hummingbirds will not come to the feeders with the bees sitting on them.

I checked on the older hive in the yard and it is doing well. Last weekend I installed an entrance feeder and they have taken the 1:1 sugar-water from it. The hive is about the same as last week. The queen is laying eggs. I found larvae and a nice brood pattern on frames in the bottom box. There were 2 full frames of honey in the bottom box. In the second box I replaced the frames that I took out last week and removed 3 others for cleaning. The bees have cleaned up the frames but with the winter losses I think it will take time for them to clean the frames. The two top super boxes are clean and they are storing honey in the every top super.

The weather was great this weekend. It was warm and the skies were clear. Lots of trees and flower were blooming. The honey bees really liked the blooming weeping cherry trees. It definitively looks and feels like spring is here.

79 degrees, clear skies

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