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Hive checks 4/29/12

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On Sunday the hives were checked and sugar water added to the feeders.
The new hive had completely cleaned out their feeder and had build more new comb. There were capped brood in the hive and the pollen patty was over half gone.
The older hive has not been taking as much feed or pollen patty. The bees have moved into the second deep and some frames had brood.
I will be checking on the sugar water on Wednesday and topping up the feeders then.
In both hives the bees were bring in white/light yellow pollen.
There were yellow jackets close to the hives so I installed the yellow jacket trap on the yard and put fresh bait in it.
Temp was 63 degrees with overcast skies


One thought on “Hive checks 4/29/12

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