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Hive check and move 5/13/12

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Over the weekend I checked in on the Italian bees and moved the new hive of Carniolan honey bees to another property.

The Italian bees are doing well. There was lots of new brood and evidence of newly emerged bees.

The new hive was moved to another garden ten blocks away. The hive was closed up at 6am for the move and transported to its new location. While inspected the hive I found slugs in the box by the feeder. I removed the slugs added a second deep and refilled the feeder. An entrance screen was inserted that the bees can get through but slugs and mice will not.

When I returned to the spot where the hive use to be there were bees buzzing around. Some had been left behind when the box was moved. By the end of the day they had all left. I can only imagine that they found the moved hive or joined the other hive still in the yard.


One thought on “Hive check and move 5/13/12

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