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Hive check & observations 5/20/12

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I inspected both beehives this weekend to check on their progress.

I topped up the new hive’s feeder but didn’t inspect the frames. The hive was doing well. There was lots of activity in and around the hive and the forger bees had their pollen baskets full with white and light yellow colored pollen.

I only inspected the exterior of the older hive this weekend and observed the hive. Many new bees have emerged this past week and there were new bees just learning how to fly outside of the hive. The newly emerged bees look smaller than I remember them being last year. It is very obvious which are the young bees compared to the older bees. They are smaller, the fur is slicked back on their bodies and they stay close the hive. The young bees are found on the ground and flowers close the hive. Mostly they just sit around or walk.

In the yard there are many new blooms. We have a white lilac tree in the yard that just bloomed for the first time in five years. The peonies that we transplanted 3 years ago are blooming for the first time as well.

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