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The Queen Bee is Gone 6/24/12


On Sunday, I checked the second hive with hopes it might be ready for a second super. When I opened the hive no bees were in the super I put on 2 weeks earlier and no comb had been drawn out. Upon further inspection there were no new eggs or larva in the brood chambers. Only some capped brood were left. It appears the queen has been gone for about two weeks. The workers were filling cells with nectar and there was capped honey on many of the frames. There were lots of drones as you can see.

I’m desperately seeking a new queen and have called all the local suppliers to see if I can pick one up.  So far no one has got back to me.  Since no queens are available at the moment, only time will tell if they can create a viable queen.  My plan is to wait until the weekend and check the hive again for signs of a new queen.

My first hive is doing extremely well and both supers are full with nectar (and capped brood). I added a third super on the weekend. You can see from the photo below that there is no shortage of drones in this hive. I put a queen excluder between the new super and the second super in hopes to keep the queen out it.

Overcast with a high of 72 degrees Fahrenheit


4 thoughts on “The Queen Bee is Gone 6/24/12

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  2. Sorry about your queen. I heard of a place in western WA that are shipping guaranteed fertile queens in July. Try
    I was thinking about getting a queen for my Warre, but I’m not absolutely sure she’s missing. I noticed lots of pollen flying in today.

    I went to school at GU in Spokane, but haven’t been back in 40 plus years. I have fond memories of those college days. 🙂

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