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A Mid-Morning Buzz – 7/8/12

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This morning I was out gardening when all of a sudden there was a mass of honeybees in the air above me. It was a cloud of buzzing bees over the garden. It seemed like all of the bees had left the hive. There was a pile of bearding bees at the entrance of hive. After about 5 minutes the cloud dispersed. Many of the bees went back to the hive.

I checked on the hive a few hours later and removed over fifteen capped queen cells. The cells were filled with white larva that squirted out when I scraped them off the frame. It was unpleasant for me to destroy the cells but I couldn’t risk them swarming.

While checking the hive I removed drone cells and removed several capped drones. There were no mites on the drones I inspected.


One thought on “A Mid-Morning Buzz – 7/8/12

  1. I too have had a problem with swarming/unswarming. Fifteen queen cells are pretty impressive, though, even if slightly worrying…..

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