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Hive Checks – 7/29/12, 8/3/12

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7/30/12    Yesterday I checked on second hive and extracted honey.  The new queen is doing well, I found brood in various stages of development.

Today, I checked on the first hive and found that there was no brood other than capped brood that were emerging. It appears the queen has been gone for 3 weeks or more.  This hive may have a virgin queen or new queen that has mated but is not laying eggs yet. There were lots of queen cells in this hive 3 weeks ago and it is possible that one emerged at that time. The brood chambers are clear and the bees are not filling them with honey. This is a positive sign that they have a queen and are waiting for her to her eggs. Over the next couple of weeks I will watch to see if she starts laying.

8/3/12  I checked on the first hive in my backyard and found eggs and larva. It looks like the queen stopped laying for a while or she died/left and new queen has taken over.


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