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Hive checks 11/17/12

On November 17, I checked both of my beehives. I removed the apistan strips from both of the hives.

My first hive showed signs of a greatly reduced cluster the bees. They gathered in the second brood box and were on the right-hand side of the box clinging on about three frames. It was very little honey Left in the brood boxes. I noticed that Yellow-jackets were flying around the Hive. I suspect that the yellow jackets have robbed the beehive. The entrance reducer was put back on the hive and two honey supers, to help them get through the winter.

The second hive, over at my in-laws, was in better shape. Both of brood boxes were still filled with honey and bees were out gathering more nectar and pollen even as I was removing the apistan strips from the hive. I put one more super of honey back on that hive.