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Spring Beehive Feeding – Gone Wrong

Beekeeping safety poster

Beekeeping Safety Poster

Yesterday, I went out to feed the bees.  In past years, I’ve just cracked the corner of the hive where the inline feeder is and topped up the feeder without much notice from the bees.  Normally, I would wear my bee suit to do this but as I was just going to top up the feeder I though it would be fine to not wear one. Well these new bees sure noticed me cracking the corner of the hive. Before I could even start pouring the syrup I had multiple stings.  At first I was fine but as more of them came out and started to sting me I started to panic and ran.  As I ran into the garage, I tripped over the threshold and stumbled down some stairs and into a shelf and concrete wall.  As a result of my panic, I now have a black eye and bruised leg.

This experience inspired me to make these posters for beekeeping.  The poster above will be placed by my beehives.


Spring Beekeeping Safety Poster Spoof

Spring Beekeeping Safety Poster – Spoof


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Videos of Bee Package Installations on 4/14/13

Here are the videos of the bee package installations from Sunday.

This video is the installation of the bees in my backyard. The bees are being fed with an inline feeder with 1:1 sugar water and frames of honey as needed.


This video is of the installation of the bees in my in-laws backyard.  The bees in this hive are being fed with an exterior bottle feeder containing 1:1 sugar water and frames of honey.




The Honeybees Are Here!

My packages of bees arrived today.

Unfortunately it’s cold, windy and snowing outside.

The bees are safe and sound in their packages but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow, when it’s a little warmer, to install them in their new homes. For now they are my spare bedroom taking it easy after a long journey from California.

I’m going to prepare the 1:1 sugar water for feeding them tonight. I was told to take all of the honey off of the hives and just start feeding them sugar water to get them started. Each package of bees will be put into one brood box. I’ll be taking the rest of the boxes off and extract the honey from last years honey crop. They will have some honey left on the frames from the old hive but otherwise they will be getting sugar water for feeding.

Hopefully it will be nicer tomorrow to install the bees and I will do a video of the installation of at least one of the packages into a beehive.