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Traffic Jam at the Beehive

Last week I installed a wire screen, one foot in front of the beehive, to prevent my dogs from getting too close to the entrance. It appears that’s causing a bit of a traffic jam at the entrance of the hive. The screen is big enough for the bees to get through but they have to slow down and crawl through the screen or fly up and down to the entrance. It looks like I will have to install chain link fencing this weekend.



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Hive check 5/26/13 – irises

The first beehive was checked this weekend and the queen has been a busy girl. The second brood box had four frames of brood. Two supers of honey were added to help feed the growing population.

Here are some more photos of the blooming irises.





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Flowers blooming in the garden this week

There are lots of flowers blooming in the garden this week. Here are some photos of the most impressive ones.

The bees have been out pollinating and collecting lots of nectar this week. There have been lots of bees coming in and out of the beehives. I will check on the beehives this weekend to see how they’re doing.









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5/4/13 – Checked on the beehives

Checked on both of the beehives yesterday and they are doing great. Both hives have several frames of capped and uncapped brood. I gave them another deep with 4 frames of honey and drawn out frames. Since I have so much honey left over from last year, I’m feeding them honey instead of sugar water.

The bees should not be starving right now with all of the flowering trees and flowers. There are lots of open flowers and flowering trees blooming. Right by the hive is a maple tree with blooms, tulips, daffodils and irises.


The weather forecast looks great for this week. The temperatures¬†will be in the 70’s and 80’s. The bees should be happy this week.