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Only One Hive Survived


Spring feeding is essential for bees. I found this out the hard way. I was a little late in getting two of the hives setup with feeders and they both died from starvation.

The one hive is doing well. I have given the bees pollen patties and a sugar water (1:1).

I’ve seen them out pollinating the cherry trees and maple trees. The cherry tree in the front yard was covered in honeybees on the weekend. When I checked on the hive I saw that they’re bringing in lots of bright yellow pollen.

Right now there are lots of dandelions and daffodils in bloom. It looks like the tulips will be blooming this week.

I plan on building swarm boxes and trying to lure a swarm the year. It is too late to order package bees so that is my best chance at getting a second hive going.



3 thoughts on “Only One Hive Survived

  1. I went to school in Spokane. It was COLD. Maybe that’s why you lost some bees. I feel your pain. I hate losing hives, but if you keep bees, it’s almost inevitable.
    Bravo for wanting to get swarms. Here’s some good reasons…
    Probably the best is that swarming provides a ‘brood break’ bringing about a break in the varroa mite cycle. I plan to hang a box or two next week.

  2. Oh no 😦 Glad your remaining hive is doing well and finding plenty of flowers.

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