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Last weekend I made a swarm trap to try to get some more honeybees. I used an old bee box and added a bottom to it. I used mill ends of cedar for the bottom and a new top. Some of the instructions I found on the Internet suggested painting it a dark color and all I had was a dark purple.

I used lemongrass essential oil as swarm bait. I put a few drops on a paper towel in the bottom of the box. There are only 4 drawn frame of comb in the box. On the tops of the frames I put a swarm bait paste I made. It is made of olive oil, bees wax and lemongrass oil. I made the paste the same way I make lip balm.


One thought on “Swarm trap

  1. Put some old comb in it if possible and just tiny bit of lemon grass oil…the book I followed called for four or five drops on a paper towel. Put the paper towel in a plastic zip lock bag, seal it shut, and poke a few holes in it with a thumb tack. Lacking old comb try torching some tree sap into the bottom. Lemon grass oil really works.
    You can ‘hang’ the bait hive on a nail by fastening a one by six on the back/side. The one x six would be 18 to 20″ long and have a hole in the end. Center it, fasten to the hive (I used 1 1/4 star drive screws) then you can hang it on a nail. Be sure you pull the nail out when you take the hive down.
    With that purple paint, you’ll have the prettiest bait hive in town!

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