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New Beehives Installed April 11, 2015

The new bees arrived on April 11 this year. I installed two new beehives. Over the week I’ve been feeding them sugar water to get them started. The one I have has a open inline feeder and the other one has enclosed inline feeder with  a cap and ladders.

The bees have started to build comb down into the open inline feeder. I have been removing this come every other day as I feed them. But today I noticed that the comb that the drawnout was filled with eggs after I removed it. It’s unfortunate that I had to remove all of those eggs but at least I know that the queen is laying eggs now. 

This is a picture of a piece of the comb that I took out of the in-line feeder.

These are pictures of eggs in the comb.

Beehive #1

Beehive # two

These have been lucky this year because it’s been quite warm. Today was 77° and have lots of flowers in bloom. They have lots of daffodils and tulips to feed on in the yard. The fruit trees are in bloom as well.

It looks like the honeybees are off to a great start this year.