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Hive Inspections and flowers in bloom

The beehives seem to be doing fine. I have added two supers  over the past month. I’m using supers instead of deeps so it will be easier for me to check on the hive during hive inspections.

Here are some photos of flowers that are in bloom right now.                              


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Hive checks on May 3, 2015

Both of the hives were checked on May 3. I removed the feeders and put an empty frame in. When I removed the feeder from the one hive it had more burr  comb in it. I removed the comb and found that there was a larva in various states of development.

There are lots of flowers in bloom now and the bees have lots of nectar and pollen available to them now.

The honeybees have been enjoying the fountains and I have found them drinking at the waters edge.

Larva found in burr comb

Burr comb pulled from feeder

Hang baskets on patio

Honebees drinking water from fountain 

Dalia in flower pot

Salvia, petunas, zinnias  and other mixed flowers