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Hive checks on May 3, 2015

Both of the hives were checked on May 3. I removed the feeders and put an empty frame in. When I removed the feeder from the one hive it had more burr  comb in it. I removed the comb and found that there was a larva in various states of development.

There are lots of flowers in bloom now and the bees have lots of nectar and pollen available to them now.

The honeybees have been enjoying the fountains and I have found them drinking at the waters edge.

Larva found in burr comb

Burr comb pulled from feeder

Hang baskets on patio

Honebees drinking water from fountain 

Dalia in flower pot

Salvia, petunas, zinnias  and other mixed flowers



Honey Extraction and Wax Rendering

Over the past two weekends we have extracted honey from the beehives. We extracted four supers of honey-yielding about 10 gallons of honey. After rendering the wax cappings we had 26 oz of beeswax.

To render the beeswax I use a crock pot.

Rendering the wax  was is done by melt the cappings in a crock pot on low heat with water. I let the wax melt and then skim out the debris from the surface of the wax with a wire strainer. The crock pot is then turned off and the wax hardens on top of the water.


The wax comes out of the crock pot in disks.


Here I put the debris in a cup for you to see. It contains propolis, bee parts and pollen,


Repeat the rendering process to further clean the wax by braking up the disks and placing in a nylon sock.

image image_1 image_2 image_3

Once the wax has melted the remove the nylon sock and then turn off the crock pot. The sock captures all the debris that was not removed before.

image (1)sock

This process can be repeated until the wax is clean.

The Queens Have Been Busy!

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6/16/13 -  frame of nectar

6/16/13 – frame of nectar

Both hives now have two brood boxes and two supers. The queens have been extremely busy and there was brood in the supers of both hives.

The first hive had some empty frames in the second brood box and it appeared that many bees had emerged this past week. I saw dozens of bees emerging as I was checking the hive. The Queen was found in the second brood box laying eggs. Both supers had brood in them. Not exactly what I was hoping for but at least the queen is laying lots of eggs.

The second hive only had two brood boxes and one super. In this hive I found lots of queen cells being built. I cleaned off the queen cells and added a second super. The  hive was full of honey and brood.

Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -1 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -2 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -3 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -4 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -5 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -6 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -7 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -7

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Hive check- March 2, 2013

I checked on both of my hives today. I noticed in my first hive that the cluster is very small only may be 6″ x 6″. It looks moldy on top and the cluster may be dead.

The other hive has a larger cluster that looks health. The hive entrance looks like some type of animal has been trying to reach into the hive entrance. There were wax scrapings on the bottom board. I put grill on the front so that the bees could get in and out but other creatures couldn’t get in.

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Hive check 7/15/12 – The Queen is Established in the Hive

I checked in on the  hive where I install the new queen. She is doing fabulous, lots of brood and honey. The super is full of capped honey. I’m sure glad I cleaned up those old hives. I added a third deep to this hive today. The supers required a size of foundation that I didn’t have on hand so I hope the bees like the deep.

It was  a huge relief to see that the new queen is settling in to the hive and the bees are so productive. I was worried that the hive was not going to make it but it seems to be recovering from the set back.

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Photos from beehive 4/22/12