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New Beehives Installed April 11, 2015

The new bees arrived on April 11 this year. I installed two new beehives. Over the week I’ve been feeding them sugar water to get them started. The one I have has a open inline feeder and the other one has enclosed inline feeder with  a cap and ladders.

The bees have started to build comb down into the open inline feeder. I have been removing this come every other day as I feed them. But today I noticed that the comb that the drawnout was filled with eggs after I removed it. It’s unfortunate that I had to remove all of those eggs but at least I know that the queen is laying eggs now. 

This is a picture of a piece of the comb that I took out of the in-line feeder.

These are pictures of eggs in the comb.

Beehive #1

Beehive # two

These have been lucky this year because it’s been quite warm. Today was 77° and have lots of flowers in bloom. They have lots of daffodils and tulips to feed on in the yard. The fruit trees are in bloom as well.

It looks like the honeybees are off to a great start this year.


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The Honey Bees Swarmed

While out shopping on June 26, I received a phone call that Beekeepers dread and anticipate receiving. My honey bees had swarmed and were found clustered in a tulip tree. I left my purchases behind and headed to the location of swarm. My husband gathered the spare bee boxes and my bee suit. He met me at the site. The bees were clustered up on the top branches of the tree. In order to get the bees I used an empty box, ladder and a broom.

The swarmed bees are doing fine now in a hive next to their old home.





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Videos of Bee Package Installations on 4/14/13

Here are the videos of the bee package installations from Sunday.

This video is the installation of the bees in my backyard. The bees are being fed with an inline feeder with 1:1 sugar water and frames of honey as needed.


This video is of the installation of the bees in my in-laws backyard.  The bees in this hive are being fed with an exterior bottle feeder containing 1:1 sugar water and frames of honey.




The Honeybees Are Here!

My packages of bees arrived today.

Unfortunately it’s cold, windy and snowing outside.

The bees are safe and sound in their packages but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow, when it’s a little warmer, to install them in their new homes. For now they are my spare bedroom taking it easy after a long journey from California.

I’m going to prepare the 1:1 sugar water for feeding them tonight. I was told to take all of the honey off of the hives and just start feeding them sugar water to get them started. Each package of bees will be put into one brood box. I’ll be taking the rest of the boxes off and extract the honey from last years honey crop. They will have some honey left on the frames from the old hive but otherwise they will be getting sugar water for feeding.

Hopefully it will be nicer tomorrow to install the bees and I will do a video of the installation of at least one of the packages into a beehive.


Bee package install 4/14/12

Yesterday, I installed a new package of bees in the back yard. I picked up the bee package at Tate’s Honey Farm at 8:30 AM and installed them in a new brood box just after noon. The brood box contained an inline feeder filled with 1:1 sugar water and one drawn out frame with some cells already filled with honey from my other hive. The rest of the frames were new with plasticell foundations. Once installed in the new hive the bees started to forge and were coming back with pollen.

I was unable to get Russian bees, as planned, so I purchased Carniolan honey bees. These new bees were purchased with the funds I received from the Walt Peterson Joy in Beekeeping Merit Award I received last fall. In my other hive I already have Italian honey bees and wanted to see what type of differences there really is between breeds of honey bees.

So far, I have noticed the difference in color and level of activity. The Carniolan bees are a lot more active.. It think it is too early to tell if this will remain consistent. After all, I did just installed them in a new hive yesterday.

My Italian bees are a bit slower. The bees are cleaning up and reorganized the hive. This weekend I removed 4 frames from the upper deep and replaced them with new frames. Three of the frames I removed had dead bees still in the cells. It looked like some may have starved over the winter or got too cold and died before emerging from the cells. It is hard to tell what happened to the bees on those frames. There is no sign of disease in the hive. On the three frames I removed many of the cells were empty but some cells had pollen and others had the partly capped dead bees (I posted photos of those frames last week). I cleaned out the dead bees from the cells using a modified fork and will lightly wash the frames with warm water and a soft brush. The bees have moved most of honey up into the top super and the bottom super has been completely cleaned up. The frames and cells in the bottom super are clean and empty. The queen has laid more eggs and there have been some new emerging bees.

It was a great weekend to install the new beehive and check on the bees that were over-wintered. I learned a lot from the over-wintered hive and even though I didn’t enjoy cleaning out the old frames, I’m grateful they have survived the winter. The best part of the weekend was picking up the package of bees and installing them in the hive. There is nothing quite like bring home new bees and get them set up.

Saturday was 59 degrees and partly cloudy

Here is a link to the video I made last year of installing bees.