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Hive checks on May 3, 2015

Both of the hives were checked on May 3. I removed the feeders and put an empty frame in. When I removed the feeder from the one hive it had more burr  comb in it. I removed the comb and found that there was a larva in various states of development.

There are lots of flowers in bloom now and the bees have lots of nectar and pollen available to them now.

The honeybees have been enjoying the fountains and I have found them drinking at the waters edge.

Larva found in burr comb

Burr comb pulled from feeder

Hang baskets on patio

Honebees drinking water from fountain 

Dalia in flower pot

Salvia, petunas, zinnias  and other mixed flowers


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New Beehives Installed April 11, 2015

The new bees arrived on April 11 this year. I installed two new beehives. Over the week I’ve been feeding them sugar water to get them started. The one I have has a open inline feeder and the other one has enclosed inline feeder with  a cap and ladders.

The bees have started to build comb down into the open inline feeder. I have been removing this come every other day as I feed them. But today I noticed that the comb that the drawnout was filled with eggs after I removed it. It’s unfortunate that I had to remove all of those eggs but at least I know that the queen is laying eggs now. 

This is a picture of a piece of the comb that I took out of the in-line feeder.

These are pictures of eggs in the comb.

Beehive #1

Beehive # two

These have been lucky this year because it’s been quite warm. Today was 77° and have lots of flowers in bloom. They have lots of daffodils and tulips to feed on in the yard. The fruit trees are in bloom as well.

It looks like the honeybees are off to a great start this year.


Only One Hive Survived

Spring feeding is essential for bees. I found this out the hard way. I was a little late in getting two of the hives setup with feeders and they both died from starvation.

The one hive is doing well. I have given the bees pollen patties and a sugar water (1:1).

I’ve seen them out pollinating the cherry trees and maple trees. The cherry tree in the front yard was covered in honeybees on the weekend. When I checked on the hive I saw that they’re bringing in lots of bright yellow pollen.

Right now there are lots of dandelions and daffodils in bloom. It looks like the tulips will be blooming this week.

I plan on building swarm boxes and trying to lure a swarm the year. It is too late to order package bees so that is my best chance at getting a second hive going.


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Hive check March 9, 2014

I checked on all three hives today and they appear to be alive. I took apart hive one and found that the bees had eaten most of the honey. They only had three frames of honey in one of the brood boxes and about half of one of the supers left. I put an in-line feeder with sugar water in the brood box to hold them over. When I cleaned up this hive there was 4 inches of dead bees in the bottom box blocking the entrance. The small space in-between the hive and the insulation on the hive was filled with dead bees as well. I’ve removed the insulation on this hive.

The pollen patties have been ordered but haven’t arrived yet. I’m hoping that I will be able give all three of the hives pollen patties this week.



Hive checks 3/31/13

Over the weekend I checked both of my beehives and found that both of the colonies had died over the winter.  I can’t tell why the one  died but the cluster was very small and most of the bees were gone. It was very clean except for the small cluster of dead.





As you can see the bees died with lots of food available but they just didn’t survive. It looks like the varrola mite took its toll on this hive and the cluster size just got to small to keep it alive.

My second beehive was attacked by what appears to be a small rodent. There were signs that the small creature had crawled in and eaten the comb and honey in the bottom brood box. This forced the cluster up into the second brood box but by the time they moved up, I believe that too many of the bees had died from the attack even though there was lots of honey and food stores in the top brood box and super.

As you can see from the photos below that cluster was very small and had started to mold. You can also see the frames that had eaten out by the rodent and the path that attack.




This is a photo of the bottom board and it shows the wax chips and dead bees from the second hive.20130331-204525.jpg.

My new packages of bees will be here on April 13 and they will have lots of honey to get started with in these hives.

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Hive check- March 2, 2013

I checked on both of my hives today. I noticed in my first hive that the cluster is very small only may be 6″ x 6″. It looks moldy on top and the cluster may be dead.

The other hive has a larger cluster that looks health. The hive entrance looks like some type of animal has been trying to reach into the hive entrance. There were wax scrapings on the bottom board. I put grill on the front so that the bees could get in and out but other creatures couldn’t get in.

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