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Hive check 6/29/14 and flowers in bloom

The bees have started to build swarm cells on the bottom of top super frames. I put another box on to give them more room in hopes that it will stop swarming. .






20140629-114630-42390922.jpgPotato box















The Queens Have Been Busy!

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6/16/13 -  frame of nectar

6/16/13 – frame of nectar

Both hives now have two brood boxes and two supers. The queens have been extremely busy and there was brood in the supers of both hives.

The first hive had some empty frames in the second brood box and it appeared that many bees had emerged this past week. I saw dozens of bees emerging as I was checking the hive. The Queen was found in the second brood box laying eggs. Both supers had brood in them. Not exactly what I was hoping for but at least the queen is laying lots of eggs.

The second hive only had two brood boxes and one super. In this hive I found lots of queen cells being built. I cleaned off the queen cells and added a second super. The  hive was full of honey and brood.

Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -1 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -2 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -3 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -4 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -5 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -6 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -7 Flowers in Bloom 6/16/13 -7

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Hive Checks – 7/29/12, 8/3/12

7/30/12    Yesterday I checked on second hive and extracted honey.  The new queen is doing well, I found brood in various stages of development.

Today, I checked on the first hive and found that there was no brood other than capped brood that were emerging. It appears the queen has been gone for 3 weeks or more.  This hive may have a virgin queen or new queen that has mated but is not laying eggs yet. There were lots of queen cells in this hive 3 weeks ago and it is possible that one emerged at that time. The brood chambers are clear and the bees are not filling them with honey. This is a positive sign that they have a queen and are waiting for her to her eggs. Over the next couple of weeks I will watch to see if she starts laying.

8/3/12  I checked on the first hive in my backyard and found eggs and larva. It looks like the queen stopped laying for a while or she died/left and new queen has taken over.

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Hive check 7/15/12 – The Queen is Established in the Hive

I checked in on the  hive where I install the new queen. She is doing fabulous, lots of brood and honey. The super is full of capped honey. I’m sure glad I cleaned up those old hives. I added a third deep to this hive today. The supers required a size of foundation that I didn’t have on hand so I hope the bees like the deep.

It was  a huge relief to see that the new queen is settling in to the hive and the bees are so productive. I was worried that the hive was not going to make it but it seems to be recovering from the set back.

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Hive check 7/11/12

I check on the older hive where the swarm cells were found from on Sunday. There were more cup cells with larva in them that I must have missed. These were just cup cells with small larva in them, not capped. I scraped six small cups off the edge of frames in the supers.

The bees are storing lots of honey now. I hope the remaining capped brood in the supers will emerge soon so the bees can finish storing honey in the supers.

It was 100 degrees during the day, so I waited until 8 pm to work the hive.


The New Queen in the Second Hive

The new queen, with her attendants, are in the hive. I cleaned off old burr comb from the bottom of the frames in the bottom brood box and removed queen cells that I found. The bees were very interested in the cage with the queen and her attendants. They should release her in 2-3 days.

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Inspection of Second Hive 6/28/12

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I checked on the hive with the missing queen this afternoon.  Still no sign that the hive has created a queen. The remaining capped brood was emerging as I was inspecting the hive. I saw the last of the capped worker bees and drones emerging from their cells.  The call came today that a new queen is on the way and I’ll install her tomorrow.

Above are some photos of the hive and the comb they built on the bottom of the frames in the lower brood box.